Voluntary accident insurance – how the policy works

Voluntary accident insurance – how the policy works

Many of us have heard about the voluntary accident and health insurance policy. However, what problem does he solve in people’s lives? Let’s talk about this in the article. Download an overview of life insurance solutions available in Russia:

1. Why defend against the National Assembly In any life there is a chance of an accident. Sometimes events happen that we cannot control — but which can cause serious harm to humans. You can slip on ice, unsuccessfully fall off a bicycle, or get into an accident. A huge number of events taking place against our will can harm human health.

As a result, a person will lose his income during the treatment. He will also need to pay for medicines and doctors. And therefore, an accident carries the risk of major economic losses for us. To protect you and your family from possible losses – and insurance is needed from the NS .

2. How risk life insurance works A man opens a policy. This is often a policy for a period of 1 year, with the possibility of a prologue. The contract lists the events from which the person is protected. And if one of them comes, then the person will receive a payment from the insurance company. At the expense of these funds, the family compensates for the loss that the accident caused her. And as a result, a person has the means to restore health. And the family is money for paying current bills and maintaining the usual standard of living. Thus, a small annual installment of the policy allows the family to transfer the risk of large losses to the insurer. This is the economic meaning of the contract. To have such protection is very important if the family has serious obligations – a mortgage, or a large consumer loan. It is also important for families with small children. After all, mom brings up babies, and only dad works. His life and ability to work is the only source of family income. And so it is very important for the breadwinner to draw up an insurance contract against NS and diseases.

3. Types of policies You will not be able to insure separately the risk of a fracture, for example. All NS insurance policies necessarily include the risk of death. And in everyday life it is very correct. Indeed, one of the most serious risks is the death, and at this moment the family really needs money. And therefore, a mandatory element of such contracts is death insurance. Why is it sometimes called a “hat”. Already under it – everything else. And in addition to the main risk, a person may include other events from which he would like to defend himself. For example – bodily harm, or hospitalization according to the National Assembly. The range of contracts is quite wide. In it you will find contracts for a year, or for a period of up to 30 years, or even life insurance. The main program may include care only for NA, or for any reason. Of course, the design of the policy will determine its value. About the various types of policies, as well as their price – you can read in my review .

4. NS and life insurance As mentioned above, protection against NA is actually a special case of life insurance. And if you want to ensure the financial security of your loved ones, you need a good life insurance contract. In which you include the risks you need to protect against the National Assembly.

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